Sunday, April 3, 2011


So, to be honest, day 1 is the flight from Salt Lake to Paris, then Paris to Athens, then to the hotel. We met our group at the airport at 3pm MDT (11pm Athens time), after saying good-bye to our kids at Dave & Robyn's house. Lyssa was sad, but Trey was too excited to play with cousins to be sad. :) We made it through security and onto the plane to take off at 6pm.

Here is a picture of TJay & Ky at the beginning of a 10 hour plane ride (they didn't look this chipper in Paris). The chicken dinner was pretty tasty, the movies were alright (although my sound system didn't work) and it got dark enough and late enough that we slept - however uncomfortably. At one point, TJay & KY switched seats so T was by the window and Ky was laying on her Daddy.

Kylie got a fantastic photo of the Alps! They are amazing to see from the air! So many mountains so high and so close together. It was a truly magnificent sight. I'm so happy we were by the window so we could look down on the gorgeous snow capped wonder of nature. This is us on our 2nd plane from Paris to Athens. It was a smaller plane and we all were able to sit by each other. Pretty tired at this point, but very excited. We are now officially in Europe!

Then we got off the plane at the Charles DeGaulle airport, ran through the entire airport (got frisked yet again - Ky & I got frisked in each airport) and then walked outside - yes, I walked on French soil and breathed in the air. As far as I'm concerned, I was in France! And we got onto another plane to fly for 3 hours to Athens (this is 11am Paris and noon in Athens - 4 am in Utah).

So, as we flew away from Paris, we got pictures of the Eiffel Tower - it's the tall thing in the background. That is as close as we got to touring Paris on this trip. Bummer. It was pretty cool to see it from the airplane. Some day I'll have to go up close to see it.

Then we got to Athens, met our guide - Christiane and rode to our hotel in Glyfada. We unpacked, ate and went to bed. It was a long & exciting first day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quick Check In

TJay says he hates it when people blog that they should blog more. So, sweetie, don't read any more! It's been almost a year - and what a year! I stopped blogging because I couldn't talk about what was going on with work - and it was stressful & all-consuming. Then I just got out of the habit. So, long story short: Summer was awesome! We went to California & Lake Tahoe and saw family and Mickey Mouse - and the ocean (LOVE IT!). Mom only took 1 three day class this summer and played with the kids. We finished our basement! woo hoo! Now the girls have their own "wing" with bedrooms & a bathroom literally made for a girl (or two). We painted Trey's room & got him a car bed for his "cars" themed room. Happy guy now has his own bathroom (no girlie mess in there).

School began at Odyssey: Ky in 8th, Lyss & I in 5th, Trey in 1st. Dad's company got bought out by Visa, so he switched companies for the 2nd time without moving his desk. :) Crazy ensued and Mom got a new job as a Reading Specialist at another school, so she, Trey & Lyss went to a new school after Thanksgiving. Ky stayed at Odyssey for her final 8th grade year with her friends. Crazy, crazy time.

Dad got a new job in December. He now works for Imagine Learning which produces reading/english programs for kids & schools. He LOVES it there!!

Christmas was spent at home doing fun activities for the entire week after Christmas (Dad had the week off too). We had a great time and got a lot of gifts to prepare to go to Greece (in March - Dad, Mom & KY).

Now it's February and mom & dad both love our jobs. I am now the lead teacher in the language arts department and crazy reigns, but loving it. I am taking a reading class to get my reading endorsement, so I'm back in school. I think school & learning new things is my addiction of choice. The kids are all happy at their respective schools. We are blessed to have kind, happy, smart children!

Tomorrow I sign Ky up for high school, yes, she will be in 9th grade! She begins HS racqetball team practice in April (after we get home from Greece - yes, I'm excited). She played doubles with her dad in the UVU racquetball tournament. The college men were suprised when they found out she was 14. They ended up being impressed after playing her.

There is the update for now. Maybe I'll post more, maybe I won't. Didn't do a Christmas card/letter this year, too crazy. So, consider this blog your card! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010


The kids & I were headed to Orem today when we were suprised by traffic stopped on University Parkway even though the light was green. Several honking cars and slow moving traffic minutes later, we saw the culprit: a brown truck. The driver was driving erratically: changing lanes without signalling, driving down the center in both lanes, stopping & slowing at random times, weaving into other traffic, and weaving into the median. This is at 4:00 pm when it was busy. We were afraid that she would cause an accident involving her, us or others. Kylie called 911 and I told the operator where we were and what was going on. She took all of the pertinent information (where we were, the license and description of the vehicle) and asked us to continue to follow the truck and stay on the line so she could update the police. The woman finally pulled into a center turn lane in front of the mall (we first spotted her down by RC Willey) and just sat there in her truck. We pulled in behind her and sat (upsetting all the cars who wanted to turn into the mall parking lot). We could see her shaking in the side mirror - not major shaking, just slightly, but she seemed confused. The police came and asked her to pull forward, which she didn't do. Then he approached her vehicle, took the keys out of the truck and opened the door and spoke to her. He waved us into the parking lot and asked us to wait. Soon 2 other police officers, an ambulance and a firetruck showed up. They got her out and into the ambulance. When the cop came over he told me that she was a druggie. He had arrested her on 3 previous occasions. Her license was revoked, and she had other things that were supposed to make it so she couldn't drive. I told him it didn't seem to be working (smart mouth). I was shaking out of fear and relief. After we talked and I filled out the incident report, he told me to let my kids know that this is an example of how dangerous drugs and alcohol can be. He said we had possibly helped to save lives today and thanked us for calling 911. Other vehicles had called 911, but no one had stayed behind to help. I told the kids they were heroes for helping the police and helping that lady. Then we had a don't do drugs talk. Treyson ate it up because he loves heroes and wants to be a fireman someday. It was quite the experience! (My cousin had driven past and stopped to see if we were alright - it was fun to see her.) We are glad to be safely back home!

Teeth? What teeth?

Treyson lost a bottom tooth last week. Then a top, front tooth a few days ago. Today, he pulled out his other top front tooth on the way to Kindergarten. Later this afternoon, he got the other bottom, side tooth out. His only 2 permanent teeth are the bottom center. He looks so cute with hardly any teeth in the front of his mouth. He also sounds funny when he talks! :) He is the cutest little guy! Enjoy the funny pictures!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The latest goings on . . .

This picture is supposed to be down by the play pictures.
Lyssa has been such a huge helper while Ky has been disabled. We're trying to do special things for her so she knows how appreciated she is. I told her she could have a friend come over after school Friday (yesterday) and have a late night. She has so many good friends that she couldn't decide. She had a list of 10 "best" friends, but we narrowed it down to 6 (1 couldn't make it and 1 had to leave early). They had a great time, and of course had to end it with make-overs, a scarf fashion show and modeling pics! What a bunch of cuties (all are my students).

So cute, I had to put it on here again! (no, but I'm tired and don't want to fix anything). :)

More egg painting. Lyssa looks upset, but really she's just pondering her next artistic endeavor. TJay is suprisingly competitive with his egg coloring. :) jk. You can tell he has artistic talent, even with eggs!

This is our favorite "little baby brother that doesn't live with us". He is getting so big & is so cute! We love it when we get to babysit this boy. Ky misses being able to stand up and hold him, but that time will come again. Aren't they so cute!?

The artists at work!

Easter is always serious business at our house. Each person gets their own dozen eggs to color and they LOVE it!

We had hero day at school (and hat day) and Treyson got to meet a hero: a fireman! Trey loves firemen and wants to be one when he gets big. He was mesmerized by the firetruck and equipment and meeting a real fireman. When I told him his uncle used to be one, he was amazed. :)

This is Kylie getting her cast on her leg . . . she broke her leg on March 16 trying to save her Daddy. His motorcycle fell off the truck (so did he) when the ramp safety latch failed. She saw her Daddy fall and then the motorcycle fall toward him and she ran to help him out (she hadn't been riding, just doing homework). The motorcycle fell on its side, right on her leg. She broke her tibia & fibula - one a bow fracture and the other bone was up her growth plate. She was super close to surgery, but luckily didn't have to have it and ended up healing quite well. (Now she is in an air-cast walking boot).

Kylie decided to go for the crazy pipi-longstocking-esque crazy hair!

Alyssa showing her style with crazy hair day . . . Treyson with his favorite crazy hair: mohawk! (don't ask me why we let his hair get that long, but it is very cute. And his favorite color green is in his hair.)

Treyson starred as "the cutest" (according to me) Spartan warrior in the school play. He loved being in the play and it was so cute to watch him mouth all of the words that every character said in the entire show. He was excited for his family to watch. He was happy that his Grandma & Grandpa & Aunt Robyn could come see him. He was THRILLED that his "baby brother that doesn't live with me" - Justin - was going to watch him. In fact, Justin came to see the show twice!

(This is where the top picture should be)
Kylie decided this year that she'd like to see the "other" side of a performance and was on the costume crew. That's probably a good thing, since she broke her leg the week of the performance and did hair while sitting, crutches always by her side. (Aphrodite is a student in my class.)

Alyssa was in her class play during the midevil festival. She wore her Easter dress and was the loviest narrator in the land!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What's New This Week?

How come every week is the same and new at the same time? At least I always know it'll be busy. :)

Kylie was the narrator in her drama class play. And, when her friend was sick on performance day, Ky stepped in to take her part in the other play when it was performed. What a pal! Kylie is so at ease with speaking and such a great help she was able to help out at the last minute. Kylie also had to cook a new dish for her final grade in her CTE class. She made yummy cheesy breadsticks that turned out soooo good, that she's making them for dinner on Sunday. yay for us!

Alyssa had a busy week in the friend department. She went to a friend's house to play on Monday, a different friend's house on Wednesday and had her twin friends over for a late night on Thursday! She had so much fun. She also has a lot of really good friends. It's nice to see her enjoying her friendships so much. Lyssa also moved out - of her upstairs room. We made a temporary room in the basement and Lyssa has been sleeping down there - and loving it! We are working on getting the basement finished this spring/summer so we can move both girls down there.

Treyson has been earning money in Kindergarten instead of points for being good (it's their money unit) and on Thursday they had a "store" where they could buy some items. His teacher said he had so much fun watching the movie that was playing in the "theater" that they had to keep asking him to buy some stuff. She said she felt bad that he wouldn't come home with much, but that just helps his room stay neater. He also "broke my neck" on Friday. He came home from playing with some friends and wouldn't put his head up straight. He kept saying how much it hurt, so we took him into the chiropractor and he said that Trey had pinched something in his neck. After a while the doc was able to relieve the pain and Trey was happy to be feeling better.

TJay played doubles and singles in a racquetball tournament this week. So he was busy on a couple of nights, then he also had to work until 2 in the morning a couple of times. Crazy! He wanted to go to a movie - we saw Alice in Wonderland (very good flick). Then he took the girls skiing today and me bowling with the Elders Quorum. He's been a very busy man. Tomorrow (Sunday) he won't slow down with meetings before & after church.

I got a new boss this week. Last week I had parent/teacher conferences one night and did a little introduction of the new principal the next night (in a parent meeting). Change is always a little unsettling, especially when you will be working for the change. But, so far, so good. Utah is kind of running out of money, so the state isn't giving as much money to the schools as they were planning on. So, to make up for it, our school gave 3 furlough days to the teachers (all employees) this spring (among other changes). Friday was one of those days, so we had a day off. It was great! It snowed about 6 inches of thick, heavy, wet snow and we played in the snow all morning with all of the neighbor kids. It was great! Today while Dad & the girls went skiing, I went to the temple in the morning (Trey played with a friend) and then Trey & I went on a date to "pirate island". Picture Chuck-E-Cheese with a pirate theme. My boy was in heaven! He LOVES pirates and thought the whole thing was fabulous. My day ended with a bowling date (see above) and watching fun TV shows with the hubby while waiting for the teenager to return from babysitting.

Tomorrow we rest.

Next week we have school play dress rehersals (T & K), band practice (L), activity days (L), racquetball tournament for 3 (dad & both girls), school board meeting (mom), job shadow for school (ky) and an all day social studies class (mom). Yup, just another week . . .

Sunday, February 21, 2010

President's Day at Zions

Treyson is "bear hunting". Glad he was there to keep us safe!
Emerald pools hike. It was chilly in the mornings, perfect in the afternoons and chilly in the evenings. Worked out quite nicely!

Here is a family picture - it just might be our Christmas card this year - if we end up sending Christmas cards this year. :) (The walking sticks are hand carved from AF Canyon)

This is "Walter's Wiggles" that you have to climb up to get to Angel's Landing. TJay & the girls braved it - as well as slid down it. They did awesome!
Below you'll see our intrepid explorer with his handy binoculars! Trey loves those things.

School is out for a holiday and TJay has the day off too . . . what to do? Go to a national park! We had the best time! We rented a mini-suite 2 miles from the entrance to the park (off season = great rates!). We explored in the car, hiked, read, ate, played! We had the greatest time! Trey did quite a good job hiking around. When TJay & the girls went on the long hike - to Angel's Landing, Trey & I hiked about half way, and then we stopped along the trail. He played Nintendo DS & I read Goose Girl to him. :) People on the hike giggled at that site.

Another favorite hike was to Emerald Pools. There are 3 total and we hiked to 2. They are beautiful! On the lower one you walk underneath a waterfall, which was pretty neat. We also saw the weeping wall. It is amazing to see the water coming off of the rock and it looks like it is raining!
Starting to plan spring break . . . we LOVE family vacations.