Sunday, April 3, 2011


So, to be honest, day 1 is the flight from Salt Lake to Paris, then Paris to Athens, then to the hotel. We met our group at the airport at 3pm MDT (11pm Athens time), after saying good-bye to our kids at Dave & Robyn's house. Lyssa was sad, but Trey was too excited to play with cousins to be sad. :) We made it through security and onto the plane to take off at 6pm.

Here is a picture of TJay & Ky at the beginning of a 10 hour plane ride (they didn't look this chipper in Paris). The chicken dinner was pretty tasty, the movies were alright (although my sound system didn't work) and it got dark enough and late enough that we slept - however uncomfortably. At one point, TJay & KY switched seats so T was by the window and Ky was laying on her Daddy.

Kylie got a fantastic photo of the Alps! They are amazing to see from the air! So many mountains so high and so close together. It was a truly magnificent sight. I'm so happy we were by the window so we could look down on the gorgeous snow capped wonder of nature. This is us on our 2nd plane from Paris to Athens. It was a smaller plane and we all were able to sit by each other. Pretty tired at this point, but very excited. We are now officially in Europe!

Then we got off the plane at the Charles DeGaulle airport, ran through the entire airport (got frisked yet again - Ky & I got frisked in each airport) and then walked outside - yes, I walked on French soil and breathed in the air. As far as I'm concerned, I was in France! And we got onto another plane to fly for 3 hours to Athens (this is 11am Paris and noon in Athens - 4 am in Utah).

So, as we flew away from Paris, we got pictures of the Eiffel Tower - it's the tall thing in the background. That is as close as we got to touring Paris on this trip. Bummer. It was pretty cool to see it from the airplane. Some day I'll have to go up close to see it.

Then we got to Athens, met our guide - Christiane and rode to our hotel in Glyfada. We unpacked, ate and went to bed. It was a long & exciting first day.

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